New VebraLive update released!

We are pleased to announce the release of VebraLive v1.38!

It not only includes many customer requested changes and improvements, but also includes two new exciting features!

Property email tracking

All HTML emails sent from VebraLive will now include tracking which allows open rates and clicks to be monitored and recorded in the system. 
The added beauty is that there are no changes required to take advantage of this powerful feature. Just upgrade to v1.38 and send your HTML property emails as you always have done. 
Then you can track your hot applicants, see which properties they are most interested in and target your follow ups more effectively.

VebraLive CRM – Intelligent Campaign Management
From within VebraLive you can import an HTML template to use for you marketing campaign, this can include merge fields used with VebraLive to allow you to address your clients professionally. 
Configure the campaign using the integrated campaign management screen, setting it either to be triggered automatically by system events or manually executed.
For manual campaigns the powerful group features can be used to select recipients, then it’s a case of sitting back and watching the stats update in the system showing the opens, clicks. 

Further details can be found here! 

For full details of all the new features introduced in version 1.38 please download the customer update notes here... vebralive_v1_38_update_notes.pdf

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